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There is a time in every person's life where they can choose to answer the call. I answered a call last July to accept an invitation to hear Damon West speak to a Houston area high school football team. Having spent time as a high school football coach, I understood the importance of servant leadership, the art of motivation, team dynamic [...]

Ready. Aim. Hire. Here at Kinsey Management, we love the Predictive Index (PI). It has helped numerous businesses all over the world make smarter hiring and development decisions, improve employee retention, and understand their teams better. (view video transcription at bottom of screen) We're super excited to announce the lates [...]

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Want better management skills? These communication tips will come in handy and make you a better manager. Why Communication Matters Poor communication is a huge problem - in fact, it's one of the top reasons people quit their jobs and leave relationships. Don't allow poor communication to destroy your team or make your management les [...]

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The word leader conjures certain figures to mind. People like Winston Churchill, George Washington, or Charlemagne often come to mind, but some people might also think of figures like Ivan the Terrible, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, and Hitler. Leadership is a double-edged sword which gives us both the good and the bad. Or is it? Not accordi [...]

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