February 2018

leadership, authority, power

The word leader conjures certain figures to mind. People like Winston Churchill, George Washington, or Charlemagne often come to mind, but some people might also think of figures like Ivan the Terrible, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, and Hitler. Leadership is a double-edged sword which gives us both the good and the bad. Or is it? Not accordi [...]

employee retention

As a recruitment manager, if employee retention and engagement are not yet included in your priority list, then it is time you did so. The job market is changing, and many proprietors are realizing that they no longer have a hold on all the cards when it comes to personnel retention in the fast-paced modern-day environment. Today, workfor [...]

organizational restructuring, restructuring

Organizational restructuring may be the right solution for your business. Every firm encounters operational and financial difficulties once in a while. No company - from its inception to maturity - will escape the need to adapt and restructure its processes, systems, and teams. It is an inevitable reality, unfortunately. One way a c [...]

employee retent

Strategizing is at the heart of any company, especially in regards to employee retention. Why? Because careful planning is the key to success. Business owners develop strategies on almost every aspect of their companies, and workforce planning is one of the important examples of this. You might wonder why. Here at Kinsey we believe [...]

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